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About Us
Hi…I’m Rick.  I own and operate my framing company and have been doing so for close to 25 years. 
I started in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and have built homes all over the United States.
I have built everything from a tree house to a mansion. 
Because of the passion I hold for construction no job is insignificant or too large.
I specialize in two different types of framing…Stick Framing & SIP Framing.

I have been stick framing  since I began construction in 1982.   When I started out, competition was slim.  Not so anymore.

The advantage or “edge” I have in this field is that I do work that any man would be proud to sign his name to.  I do not hesitate to tear down and start over if I feel the work I am leaving behind is not something above reproach.

In 1999 I was introduced to and blown away by the qualities of SIP’s {Structural Insulated Panels}.

I could talk all day about why I believe them to be the superior to any other form of framing offered.  However, I assume if you’ve made as far as shopping for a professional panel installer then you have been well informed of the magnitude of profitability you’ll benefit from SIPS.
Bottom Line:
You, the customer, have every right to feel your home is solid and structurally sound when we have completed it.
I have been called an awesome framer…a professional…a perfectionist because this is the bar I have set for my crew & I.
We are that good.
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