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Hello...I'm Rick VanderZanden. I have owned and operated TRconsTRuction, LLC since 1989.

Over the years I have built everything from mansions to tree houses...built on commercial sites and residential sites all over the United States.

My crew and I are very detail oriented so we always leave behind a satisfied customer.

I have an open-door policy with my customers. My goal is to aid them in completing their dream. Therefore, hearing and understanding the dream is a must.

Specialize In
I have been stick framing since I began construction in 1982. When I started out, competition was slim. Not so anymore.

The advantage or "edge" I have in this field is that I do work that any man would be proud to sign his name to. I pay very close attention to the exact details our customer is asking for and I deliver it--nothing less. My work is top-notch...quality over quantity.
I was introduced to and began building SIP residential & commercial
structures in 1999. I was, immediately, blown away by the quality of SIP's {Structural Insulated Panels}.

I could talk all day about why I believe them to be superior to any other form of framing. However, I assume if you have made it as far as shopping for a professional, certified panel installer then you have been well informed of the magnitude of profitability you will benefit from SIPS.
I am often called on to make archways
where there was none, build walls & hang
doors where there were none, remove
walls, add doorways in existing walls, add
or replace attic ladder units inside homes
and in the garage, trim work, and replace
or add siding/soffit/fascia, as well as other
general home improvements.

When a home becomes tired and out dated customers want to add vitality OR add much needed space to their home. This is where I come in and make their vision a reality. I am highly detail-oriented. I, once again, listen to my customer and deliver.

Outdoor space can sometimes be as
important as the inside of a home. I have
mastered the art of building porches,
decks, pergolas, and gazebos. I can
build it as simple or as complicated as a
homeowner requests.
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